Off Market Properties

When it comes to prime Real Estate, many of the most exclusive properties are those which are sold off-market to buyers seeking a property which is unique, exceptional and rare.

At Polarius, buyers and sellers partner with us for our unique approach to the business of buying and selling properties. We pride ourselves on being known for our personalised service, discretion and our unique access to some of the most exclusive properties available, particularly off-market properties.

What Is An Off-Market Property?

An off-market property transaction is a sale which has been completed without any or minimal public marketing or promotion. Instead, the seller prefers to work with a trusted agent such as Polarius, who can rely on their network and access to the wider exclusive and qualified buyers, to bring in interest, without marketing on traditional public domains or portals.

Off-market properties are often sold by the world’s wealthiest clients who prefer to keep the sale of their property confidential and away from the public eye. There are many reasons for this, but often privacy and security are the leading factors.

Properties which are often sold off-market are some of the most exquisite in their local region, principality or indeed the world. They can range in type, including anything from super luxury villas, chalets or penthouses apartments to rare residences and chateaus. Discretion is key to every transaction, offering both the buyer and the seller the opportunity to transact in complete privacy – often with only a select few individuals aware that the property has changed hands.

Benefits For The Buyer

Whilst discretion is a large benefit of looking off-market, having access to an exclusive portfolio is also another major advantage of gaining access to properties which are off-market. Polarius has built an impressive network and have access to a large proportion of both prime and super prime properties, which most agents nor buyers will ever have access to, meaning you will not miss out on potential properties which match or exceed your expectations. Furthermore, given that only a handful of buyers have access to these properties, the competition can often be lower, meaning a more seamless offer, sale and completion process. In a nutshell, buyers willing to consider or who have access to off-market properties significantly widen their options.

How Polarius Can Help?

Polarius is a trusted and leading agency specialising in luxury and super luxury properties across the Cōte D’azur, Italy, Spain & Greece, with a network and partnerships that give us access to some of the most sought-after properties both on and off-market. We have developed trusted relationships with the key people in the industry, so if you are looking to buy or sell an off-market property, then contact the team at Polarius.

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